Thursday, October 27, 2016

Evil Queen Cast Members

2009 October. Disneyland Paris.

Dirk via

2010 September. Disneyland Paris - Studios Park.

Laura Knighton via ThatDisneyLover.

2011 September. Walt Disney World (Boo to You Parade).

Photo by Ricky Brigante.

2012 June. Disneyland.

Courtesy of Disney-Grandpa.

2013 May. Tokyo Disneyland (One Man's Dream II).

Courtesy of Disney Dan.

2013 June. Disneyland.

Photo by Jane.

2014 October. Walt Disney World (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party).

Photo copyright Joanie Eddis-Koch via Daily Disney Photo.

2015 December. Disneyland.

Photo via Looseey.

2015 June. Disneyland (video).

Posted by Fatima Lakhani.

For more Evil Queen cast member images, be sure to visit professional photographer Britt Dietz's Evil Queen page.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 Snow White Ear Headband

This Snow White Ear Headband was available at the US theme parks in early 2016 and online at the Disney Store in April. Plush satin ''puff sleeve'' mouse ears with sequins and veil. Made from polyester, foam, and metal. Veil measures 12'' long. Part of the Disney Princess Ear Headband Collection. Retail $23.99.

Item No. 7507055890193P.
Stock image copyright Disney.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Evil Queen 5-Globe Figurine - 2003

The moment of the Evil Queen's transformation into the Old Witch is depicted in this light-up, five-globe figurine from 2003. Made of hand-painted resin, glass, and wood. Stands approximately 13.5" high. Requires two AA batteries.

The Queen raises the magic potion goblet while the Witch is surrounded by the mini-globes, each featuring an iconic symbol from the film: the raven upon the skull, spellbook, poison apple, heart box, and the face from the Magic Mirror.

A switch on the bottom base turns on a light in each of the globes to create an eerie glow.

Images via cbel2878 + daysofexploration.

The figurine was pictured (flopped) in the 2003 Disney Catalog Halloween edition. Original retail price $128.

Catalog Scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia

Monday, October 24, 2016

Charger Plates by David Willardson

The Evil Queen and Old Witch are together on this 1999 "Reflections of Revenge" charger which was designed by artist David Willardson. Produced by The Foundry. Glazed ceramic. Hand-signed by artist. Measures 13" diameter. Limited edition 500. Retail $275. 

It was listed in the summer 1999 Disney Catalog, p. 63.

Catalog scan courtesy of 1937fan of Whistle While We Blog.

"Wicked Intentions" from 2000. Features seven Disney Villains including the Evil Queen. Glazed ceramic. Hand-signed. Size: approximately 17" diameter. Limited edition 250.

Images via losdol.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

2009 Princess Fountain Figure Series

In 2009, the US Disney theme parks released a princess "fountain" series of hand-painted resin figures. Seven in all: Snow White, Aurora. Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Tinkerbell. Limited edition of 750. Original price $75 each, sold separately. Approximately 9" high.

Rather than a fountain, Snow White stands near her wishing well.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Additional images via Fantasies Come True.

The others in the series.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Disney Store Water Fountain

Snow White lighted water fountain made of sculpted resin, actually holds water that flows when turned on. Miniature cottage lights up. Powered by four AA batteries. A heavy piece, almost seven pounds. It measures approximately 9" wide x 8" deep x 6.5" tall. Dates from about 2001.

Power switch on the back side.

US Disney Store retail price $40.

Also sold at the European Disney Stores (pre-euro pricing).

Original box.

Additional images via dmajor04 + cbel2878.