Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kinematograph Weekly Ad from 1965

A Snow White advert appeared in the centerfold of the January 21, 1965 issue of the British trade newspaper, Kinematograph Weekly. Wash out those "box-office blues".

Special thanks to the Richard Holliss Collection for sharing this image scan.

Monday, January 16, 2017

1938 Non-Disney Snow White "Coloring Set"

This Snow White Coloring Set was manufactured in New York by J. Pressman & Co. Inc. While not a Disney item, it was probably issued in 1938 to capitalized on the general release of the film. The illustration of Snow White on the box cover does bare a resemblance to Disney's version, including puffed shoulders on her dress.

The set includes water color paints with a wood palette, two metal bowls for water, Crayons, and four heavier stock cards (with images of the dwarfs and their cottage). Box is 14.5" x 9.5". Manufacturer no. 4227.

Images via gimbler.

1938 Two-Color Snow White Dairy Glasses

In an earlier post, we covered the popular "four-line verse" Snow White glass tumblers from 1938. The were used as give-away premiums by farms and dairy companies. This less common "two-color" series utilized the same exact design--including the rhymes--but with a two color treatment rather than only one. Manufactured by Libbey Glass Company of Toledo, Ohio.

Snow White (blue and white).

The two-color series was available to the public in department stores, so probably not as a dairy premium. An eight-piece set could be purchased by retailers through wholesale catalogs like this 1938 edition from N. Shure Company of Chicago. The wholesale price for the complete set was just 55¢. Now that's a bargain! It shipped with a store display box (see it in an earlier Archive entry).

Bashful (orange and green).

Sleepy (red and white).

Sneezy (blue and gold).

Happy (green and white).

Doc (red and gold).

Dopey (light and dark green).

Grumpy (orange and black).

Tumbler images via pinky_1980.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dopey Hand Puppet by Gund

Gund Manufacturing Co. of NYC, a subsidiary of J. Swedlin, Inc., was licensed in the 1950s and '60s to produce a series of Disney character hand puppets--including Dopey. Measures 10.5" tall. Soft vinyl head, printed fabric, and a squeaker mechanism inside.

Original Gund box. Item no. 671.

Original stitched tag has character name and Disney copyright imprint on one side. Gund info is on the reverse.

The puppet was issued in a variety of different fabric patterns.

A later version of the Dopey puppet had a new head mold and fabric design. The character name is still printed on the tag, but on the opposite side it reads, ""ALL NEW MATERIAL, MADE IN JAPAN."

Gund also produced plush dolls with rubber heads.