Friday, December 9, 2016

Disney Animation - The Illusion of Life

Animation World Network ranks Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life as the top book in the field. First published in 1981, it was written by Golden Age masters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. The 576 page volume is loaded with information on the history of Disney animation. One chapter in particular explains what they call the "12 basic principles of animation". The book is overflowing with both color and B/W illustrations.

When the title was first published, a special edition was released which was signed by both authors. In addition, it contained a 12 inch strip of original film from a Disney classic. This one was from Snow White.

Film images courtesy of the Kevin Hicks Collection.

Illustrations and text copyright Walt Disney Productions, 1981. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

2013-2016 Snow White by Madame Alexander

Disney Snow White dolls by Madame Alexander. These are the most recent examples in a long line of Snow White dolls. We start with not the princess, but the Evil Queen.

  • 2016 Evil Queen. The Wonderful World of Disney Collection. Doll no. 71700. Size: 10". Released November of this year. Retail $219.95. She is made from the classic Cissette mold.
The original Cissette doll was a smaller and less expensive version of the company’s popular Cissy doll. Made of hard plastic, it was manufactured from 1957 up until 1963 and sold in a wide variety of outfits. The same mold was re-introduced in the 1990s and is still in production. INFO FROM JUSTCOLLECTING

  • 2014 16th Century Germany Snow White. Doll no. 69600. Size 10". Retail $179.95.

  • 2013 Snow White. Play Doll. No. 66950. Size: 18". Original retail $79.95.

  • 2013 Snow White. Disney Showcase Collection. Doll no. 66730. Size 10". Retail $179.95.

Stock images copyright Disney/Madame Alexander.

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2002-2009 Snow White by Madame Alexander

Over the years, loads of Snow White dolls have been manufactured by Madame Alexander. Almost too many to keep track off. Yet, here are a few more.

  • 2009 Snow White. Storyland Collection. Doll no. 42445. Size: 8".

  • 2008 Snow White. Disney Showcase Collection. Doll no. 48650. Size: 16". Limited edition 300.

  • 2006 Evil Queen with Magic Mirror. Doll no. 42630. Size 10".

  • 2005 Snow White. Princess Collections. Doll no. 37815. Size: 9".

An ad in the summer 2005 edition of Disney Magazine. Buy three, get the fourth free! Retail $34.95 each.

Magazine scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

  • 2002 Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. Set no. 35520. Princess size: 10"; dwarfs 5".


2002 set via bumbledaph.

See the 1999 Madame Alexander Snow White doll in previous post.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

1999 Madame Alexander Snow White Doll

Madame Alexander Snow White Classic Friends Doll. No. 13800. Measures 8" tall. Released in 1999, retired 2001.

A couple different box designs were issued.

See the matching resin figure in the previous post.

1999 Madame Alexander Snow White Figurine

A Madame Alexander "cold cast porcelain" figurine. Made from part resin, part porcelain dust, and part hardener. Snow White wears a yellow skirt with a red bodice and blue sleeves. Sitting with her is a deer, a rabbit, and squirrel. Measures approximately 3.75" x 4". Circa 1999.

Image courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

See the matching Madame Alexander doll in the next post.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 Snow White Tees, Tanks and Tops

Snow White Tee for Women. 100% organic cotton. Listed online at the Disney Store early January 2016. Retail $19.95.

Disney Store Item No. 5620056288502M. 
Stock images copyright Disney and respective licensees. 

Tie-Dye "The Fairest One of All" t-shirt for adults. Seen at Disneyland's World of Disney store, mid January 2016. Also available at Walt Disney World. Then online at the Disney Store in May. Part of the Disney Princess Tie-Dye Tee Collection. 100% cotton. Retail $32.95.

World of Disney image courtesy of drj828. Item No. 7505055890476M.

Snow White, Dopey, and Grumpy Hooded Tank Top. Sheer knit fabric, 95% polyester/5% spandex. Sold at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Listed online at Disney Store April 2016. $39.95.

Item No. 7505055890469M.

Snow White Poison Apple Girls Top. 96% rayon/4% spandex. Black lace sleeves. Hot Topic spring 2016. Price range $28.50 - $32.50.

Hot Topic Item No. 10556317.

Just One Bite Girls T-Shirt. 100% cotton. Hot Topic spring 2016. $22.50.

Hot Topic Item No. 10576603.

Snow White Profile Apple Girls T-Shirt. 52% cotton/48% polyester. Hot Topic spring 2016. $22.50.

Hot Topic Item No. 10523963.

Snow White Collection Floral Chiffon Top. $38.50 + Snow White Collection Striped Lace Inset Tee. $38.50. Both online at Torrid spring 2016.

Torrid Item Nos. 10521438 + 10521503.

Snow White Castle Tank Top. Cotton. Torrid spring 2016. $34.90.

Torrid item No. 10630365.

Snow White Long Sleeve Thermal Tee for Women. 100% cotton. $19.95 + Disney Animators' Collection Sweatshirt for Girls. 59% cotton/41% polyester. $24.95. Both online at Disney Store July 2016.

Snow White Split Back Girls Tank Top. 65% polyester/35% rayon. Hot Topic summer 2016. $26.90.

Hot Topic Item No. 10674862.

Snow White Lace Sleeve Girls T-Shirt. 95% polyester/5% spandex. Hot Topic summer 2016. $32.90 - $36.90.

Hot Topic Item No. 10669727.

Snow White Tarot Card Girls T-Shirt. 65% polyester/35% cotton. Hot Topic September 2016. $22.90.

Hot Topic Item No. 10728181.

Snow White Crew Sweatshirt. 100% cotton. Uniqlo brand, sold in Japan. Seen on ebay October 2016.

Sweatshirt images via hoodboon.

"What Prince?" tee designed by oneshoeoff. Fiber content: 4.5 oz 100% combed ringspun cotton. Seen on Woot in December 2016. $7-10.

Special thanks to Sheryl Schopfer of Deer Me for letting us know about this one.