Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Schneewittchen in 1950 Neue Wiener Melange

Neue Wiener Melange was a periodical from Germany that called itself, 'the magazine of beautiful girls'. It's difficult to know who the target audience was for this publication, with its strange mix of film, fashion, and glamour, along with cheap episodic novels, poetry, history, science, sports--and its profusion of pictures of naked women all over the place (plus a few muscular scantily dressed men as well).

On the cover of the August 1950 issue, someone who resembles Joan Crawford is shown with a rather homely looking dog-print top. On the title page, we see a "farmer's daughter" type model. Maybe both photos might have appealed to German housewives of the era. Yet, set directly between these two pages, on the inside cover, is a third photo of a woman who is posing buck naked.

Add to this mix the fact that Snow White was given her own two-page centerfold spread. The result is quite an odd eclectic magazine.

Image scans and info courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Late '80s Blanche Neige Postcard

This Snow White postcard from France dates to circa 1989. Printed by MD Fabrication Française, Paris. "© Walt Disney Productions."

Images courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

1950 German Erdal-Fabrik Postcards

From the late 1930s to mid '40s, E. Séphériadès of Paris published a series of 12 Snow White postcards. In 1945, Superluxe of Paris took over the printing and increased the collection to a set of 25 cards. Circa 1950, the same postcards were issued--with a few changes--as a 24-card set in Germany by Erdal-Fabrik, Philipp Mühlen & Co.

Up until this time, the series had never included Snow White's nemesis. Erdal-Fabrik would add the Queen and Witch, plus the Prince at the bier. It also issued a collector's book to paste the cards into.

No. 2 - Queen

No. 21 - Witch with Snow White (in a green bodice and pink dress)

No. 23 - Prince at bier

Unlike the earlier French series which were actual postcards that could be mailed, the German set was more like trading cards geared towards collectors. Text on the reverse side of the cards advertised the collector' album, plus Erdal-Fabrik shoe polish products.

The complete set of cards in the album...


These four cards from the French Superluxe series did not appear in this German Erdal-Fabrik set:

No. 4

No. 12

No. 18 (While not used in the set, this illustration is on the cover of the  Erdal-Fabrik album.)

No. 22

Special thanks to Greg Philip of A Lost Film for providing additional info and the Erdal-Fabrik images scans.

Finland Wartime Seven Dwarfs Postcards

This series of postcards was issued in Finland probably during the Continuation War with the Soviet Union (1941-44). The dwarfs are dressed in military uniforms and the text references support for the war effort. It's possible the cards were used as premiums to aid in the campaign. Not licensed by Disney. It's likely there were eight cards total in the series if Snow White was included. So far we've come across five of them.

Special thanks to blog reader, Kata, for sharing her Vilkas (Dopey) card with us.